Protection of Personal Data

  • Protection of Personal Data

  • Your Resources Pty Ltd, (the “Company”) collects relevant information about you (through interviews, tests, CVs, resumes, references, its website and this questionnaire) such as your identity details and information about your salary, education, career, expectations, skills, personality, etc. when processing your job application (referred to herein after as “personal details”). Other than for purposes of processing your job application, the Company will also use your personal details for purposes relating to employment opportunities, human resource management, complying with regulations and such other purposes directly relating to any of the above. The Company may also use your personal details for direct marketing of its products and services to you, unless you expressly state that you do not want it to do so.

    By signing below, you consent to the transfer, storage, and use of your personal details to related bodies corporate of the Company or third parties located in Australia or overseas for purposes relating to or in connection with your recruitment or employment. You also acknowledge that your personal details will be used by the domestic or overseas company/ies to understand your qualifications, experience and sustainability for employment with the company. You acknowledge that your personal details may be transferred to and stored in a country which may not have the same privacy standards that exist in Australia.

    If engaged through the Company, you understand and agree that processing of pay and other benefits related to your engagement may be processed by third parties in Australia or overseas. You agree that the Company may transfer your personal details to servers and databases located in Australia or overseas hosted by the Company or on its behalf.

    By completing and/or signing this form, you give the Company permission to collect your personal details, process them, store them, disclose them and use them as set out above.

    I hereby agree that the Company may use personal details in the manner described above.