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Recruiter : Laetitia Reyes

With a diverse entrepreneurial background cultivated within family ventures spanning hospitality, retail, and childcare, I bring a unique perspective to my professional journey. As the daughter of immigrants and expats, I have seamlessly navigated a jet-setting business lifestyle, establishing connections across three countries and five cities in the last five years.Leveraging my four-year tenure as a skilled Barista at establishments like Blackboard Coffee and Campos Coffee, I honed a strong work ethic, proficiently managing café operations and delivering exceptional customer service. Transitioning into a career as a Recruitment Consultant, I expanded my expertise further by contributing to Talent Acquisition and Recruitment where I was able to understand the importance of time management, detail organization, and account management. I have now diverse skillset in both Blue collar and White collar specialties.With over 5 years business development and relationship management skills, I am able to connect the right business with the right team.Now in depth with the Industrial and manufacturing industry I am keen to connect with talented individuals looking for their next role in Industrial or Manufacturing.

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