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Recruiter : Adelle Sudano

With more than 8 years under her belt in the ever-changing marketing scene, and holding she made a name for herself as a pro in recruitment agency and trades marketing. But here's the twist: She made an exciting switch to the world of recruitment, and that's where her genuine desire to make a difference in people's lives truly flourished.Adelle, well, she's quite the dynamo, you know? Whether it's at work or anywhere else, she's got this incredible determination that really stands out. And what's even more impressive is how she brings this caring vibe to everything she does.Outside the office, Adelle's adventurous spirit knows no bounds. When she's not busy making a positive impact in the recruitment world, you can find her on the netball court, where her competitive spirit thrives. But her love for adventure doesn't stop there; she's always on the lookout for any excuse to embark on a camping trip or explore new horizons.

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